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Consumer electronics should be nice

"Nice" is a relative term, no matter what kind of equipment we're talking about. Fiat Multipla is considered one of the ugliest cars in the world, and yet it has its lovers who claim that it is beautiful. When the second generation Renault Megane came out, I heard that the car is nasty and looks like an iron. Ultimately, we took care of it, we stopped paying attention to them, but it is difficult to say that there were some "pretty" ones. On the other hand, I see that some people rave about the appearance of some equipment or vehicle and I wonder why, since it looks simply ordinary, it is conservative, boring, but it fits into the general canon of "beauty", if you can talk about objects at all .

The smartphone market is similar. In my private ranking, Oppo devices are one of the prettiest smartphones – although today the appearance of the phone can only be talked about in the context of its backs. The fronts are practically identical – they differ only in the thickness of the frames. On the other hand – well, here I see complete freedom. On renderings, the iPhone 11 Pro looked nasty, live is fine. However, Oppo has no start, even in these nice, matte finishes.

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