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IGOBIT for the World Sports Alliance

World Sports Alliance – I must admit that it sounds really nice and serious. This is the goal set by 47-year-old Asa Saint Clair, who decided that he would tell everyone who was interested in his cryptocurrency. The new currency was called IGOBIT. The author himself knew perfectly well that he was cheating on customers, but it must be said that he built a really interesting story. What's worse, a lot of people just believed in her.

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The World Sports Alliance was to be a new group at the United Nations. Organizing projects for the benefit of the world was her main goal, so it's no wonder that so many people felt they had to get involved. For me, however, the funniest thing is that she is alone cryptocurrency IGOBIT never really existed and none of the buyers checked if they were buying something real.

As you might expect, the whole IGOBIT story had its final in court. Of course, the author of the whole clever idea was found and it turns out that he has been making extra money this way over the last two years. Investors have heard of some investment and high earnings, but the strange thing is that they really didn't take the time to check what they are entering. Saint Claire faces up to 20 years in prison for fraud and embezzlement.

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Undoubtedly, he cleverly used cryptocurrency fashion. Adding to this a serious-sounding initiative he received a complete idea, and in addition he ran a company that proclaimed the principles of fair play in sport and world peace. A perfect combination.

Technology, fraud, trust

Various scams will adapt to the digital world. All the time we hear or see emails from a rich member of the royal family from Congo, we are bombarded with extremely attractive ads that will allow us to discover one simple trick, but next to these simple ones appear really advanced.

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The history associated with IGOBIT may prove to some that cryptocurrencies are dangerous. It should be noted, however, that we are talking about a fake cryptocurrency here. In fact, this is no different from other investment scams.

It is interesting how these ideas for fraud will evolve. In fact, the market for new technologies offers great opportunities to prevent such activities because it can be easily detected that an offer is false. I'm curious if and when similar systems will appear. Systems for detecting frauds and fake news are quite widely used, so in total moving them to the next sector would be fairly easy. Another thing is that analog scams, even on digital topics, cannot be supervised in this way.

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source: The verge

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