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It's a bit like with currently produced Volvo cars: although my heart tells me: "S90 / XC90", after all, the wallet and practicality whisper to me: "Jakub, go lower …". And I would not lose much because even the XC40, which I am not convinced (even because of the presence of the sacrilegious T3 engine in my opinion …) gives the impression of being as luxurious, "elk-like" as all Volvo cars. And there, I'll go further. 4 cylinders are SMALL, and that's all we get in S90. I like the roar of a row five or even six that I ride and I am very happy about it.

I will not present you the current smartphone market, because in the face of what may be happening in two years it may not make sense at all. Let's focus on what can be a significant trend in two springs and what we will see in stores. There is nothing to think about larger screens, because in this aspect we have probably already reached the maximum. But we need to get ready for some improvements that will apply …

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Notch. Notch must die

The technology of hiding the camera lens behind the screen in two years will definitely be one hundred percent ready to be given to consumers. And all in all, you can now mainly shoot who will be the first to do it. Half-measures in the form of retractable lenses are still a technological curiosity and mainstream manufacturers are not at all willing to implement such solutions on their smartphones. So for sure at some point we will see a completely frameless smartphone, which in addition will be equipped with a lens hidden behind the display.

Biometry is also an extremely important thing: there are basically two ways ahead: continuing to implement readers directly in the screens, which is very good: I like such solutions incredibly and think that the fingerprint is simply more convenient than any other method. Logging in with your face? Yes, but … it doesn't always work. Besides, I need to aim the phone directly at my face to log in. I would prefer to do it with my finger – like God.

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On the other hand, logging in with your face is something that many users like and you can't forget about it. The world of Android in this respect is slightly limping, especially in the context of security, but it will change soon and it will be a similarly safe solution as in Apple, which played this aspect even singingly. It seems to me that logging in using the iris of the eye has not yet said the last word, but … on the other hand, the implemented photographic sets in mobile phones are quite naturally adapted to support face logging. Placing more sensors may not necessarily be to the taste of producers – especially since the notch will definitely get rid of.

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