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The most current portfolio of devices from the Microsoft stable consists of Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro X, Surface Studio 2, Surface Book 2 and Surface Go. The first two devices have been updated and Surface Pro 7 boasts, among other things, the latest Intel chip and the presence of USB-C connectors, while Surface Laptop 3 is for the first time available in two sizes (13 and 15-inch), as well as in a version without material Alcantara. And – yay! – in a black mat that totally smashes the system. Surface Pro X is a complete novelty this year – it is a slimmer and lighter version of Surface Pro, which has an ARM system, which is the result of cooperation between Microsoft and Qualcomm, which brings such benefits as, for example, longer work time on one charge and seamless connectivity with LTE mobile network. This is the future of the Surface Pro line. Recently I had the opportunity to play with "x", and you can read my experience here. In a nutshell: it's equipment for those who expect a computer to keep pace with them, it will be light and mobile, with independent access to the Internet – and who do not want to look at electrical outlets in the area to recharge.

Of course, the largest versions of Surface devices are available at all times in Microsoft's offer. Today we refer to them as Surface Hub – it's 50 and 85 inch touch screens introducing presentations and collaboration to a completely different level. The market premiere of Surface Duo and Surface Neo, i.e. the first devices with two screens, is ahead of us. Respectively: Microsoft's phone and tablet work on Android and Windows 10X. The latter is a special version of the system prepared for the new category of devices with two displays.

If you've reached the end of this text, then you can see how long the popular Surfaces have gone a long way. And I have the feeling that Microsoft still has something to say and many surprises up his sleeve that will want to surprise us.

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