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Fans of the series who are viewers of HBO GO will not be bored in February, because the service has prepared as many as 9 new dozen series continuation for the next month. Among the premieres, it's worth looking at the 2nd season of "Kidding" with Jim Carrey, the 2nd season of "Brilliant Friend" and the 4th season of "Magicians". The first title is about Mr. Pickles, a TV presenter in children's programs, which after a loss son can't find his place in the new reality. Jim Carrey's return to the small screen was quite an event, and the series proved that casting him in this role was a hit – the actor fit into a tragicomic character even phenomenally. In February, we will also see new seasons of "Contemporary Family", "In Need" and "Banking Game". John Oliver fans will definitely be pleased to return his 7th season program – from February 17.

Next month, HBO GO will serve us new episodes of such series as "New Pope", "Tell me a fairy tale" and "Stop enthusiasm." My attention, apart from the aforementioned "New Pope" starring Jud Law and John Malkovich, of course, attracts "Outsider" and "Avenue 5". The first of the series is an adaptation of one of the newer books by Stephen King, while "Avenue 5" is a new series with Hugh Laurie ("Dr House"). A comedy that can benefit from getting to know the characters in the next episodes – I will definitely give her a chance. The issue of "Young Sheldon" (3rd season) and "Batwoman" will also be continued. "Miracle Work: Dark Ages" is a series with Steve Buscemi and Daniel Raddcliff, which became an anthology and takes us to the Middle Ages in the new season.

From the new movies we are waiting for the premiere of "Rocketman" – a fictionalized film dedicated to the life and work of Elton John, as well as "Men in Black: International", which is the new part of "Men in Black". I haven't seen it yet, so I'd love to see what level it represents. Similarly, I have the movie "Brightburn: Son of Darkness" – I missed the cinema premiere, check on VOD. If I had to name one title that you can't miss, I would definitely suggest "McMiliony" (review) – a new HBO documentary scam about the McDonald’s restaurant lottery is watched as a good crime story.

February on HBO GO – what's new? Full list

New series in February on HBO GO

  • Magicians IV (The Magicians IV) – the fourth season of the series about a young boy who goes to the school of magic, where he discovers that the world from his favorite childhood books is real and threatens humanity – premiere: February 1, all season
  • In need IV (High Maintenance IV) – the fourth season of the series with Ben Sinclair as the amusing marijuana dealer who treats his work as a mission – premiere: February 8

  • Contemporary family XI (Modern Family XI) – the eleventh season of the comedy series depicting the everyday life of an extended and multicultural American family – premiere: February 9

  • Kidding II – the second season of the series with Jim Carrey in the role of Jeff, known as Mr. Pickles, the legendary presenter of children's TV programs – premiere: February 10, episode 1-2 (after 7:00 am); another every week for two
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  • Brilliant friend II (My Brilliant Friend II) – the second season of the series is an adaptation of the next novel New surname history from the best-selling series of four books by Elena Ferrante

– premiere: February 11, episode 1-2; another every week for two

  • Versus: Network (Strike Back VII) – the seventh, final season of the series about the activities of the special anti-terrorist unit of Section 20 – premiere: February 15

  • Zero zero zero (Zerozerozero) – a crime series that is an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Roberto Saviano; the production takes the viewer to the dark corners of the world cocaine tradepremiere: 15 February, episode 1-2; another every week for two

  • Banking game II (Bad Banks II) – the second season of the series about the world of finance, which this season begins to revive six months after the crisis; tougher conditions and regulations significantly hinder the world's third largest bank – Deutsche Global Invest – premiere: February 19, all season
  • Weekly review: Evening with John Oliver VII (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver VII) – the seventh season of the show full of irony and sarcasm, hosted by John Oliver. premiere: February 17, after 20:00
  • Tell me a fairy tale II (Tell Me A Story) – the second season of the dark series, whose script is inspired by the most famous fairy tales in the world – final episode: February 7

  • New pope (The New Pope) – Jude Law and John Malkovich in the sequel to the Golden Globe nominated series Young pope – the series directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentin taking place behind the walls of the Vatican – final episode: February 9 at 22:45

  • Babylon Berlin II – the second season of the suspenseful crime series about an ambitious policeman who comes across a trail of massive corruption; Inspector Gereon Rath and Charlotte Ritter are to explain the actress's violent death. The plot is inspired by the novel by Volker Kutscher – new episodes every week for two, respectively after 20:45 and 21:45; final episode: February 28

  • Outsider (The Outsider) – new HBO series; a brilliant detective investigates the gruesome murder of the boy and the mysterious circumstances of this unusual case. Filming of Stephen King's best-selling novel

  • Avenue 5 – the new HBO comedy series set in the world of the future. Hugh Laurie acts as the captain of a tourist spaceship, under whose command nothing can go wrong.

  • Restrain enthusiasm X (Curb Your Enthusiasm X) – the tenth season of the award-winning HBO series, whose hero is the neurotic Larry David as Larry David. Larry's neurotic personality causes him a lot of trouble.

  • Cartoon President III (Our Cartoon President III) – third season of animated parody presenting stories from the life of US President Donald Trump and a group of his advisers and family members
  • Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (Miracle Workers: Dark Ages) – serial anthology with Daniel Radcliff and Steve Buscemi in the lead roles. The action of the new season will take place in the Middle Ages – new episodes every week after 8:00
  • Vampires: Heritage (Legacies II) – the second season of the series about supernatural abilities of teenage students from Salvatore school. Continuation of hits Vampire diaries and The Originals.

  • Young Sheldon III (Young Sheldon III) – the third season of the series about the adventures of adolescent Sheldon Cooper, one of the main characters of the cult series The Big Bang Theory.
  • All American II – the second season of the series inspired by the life of the NFL star Spencer Paysinger. In the new season, Spencer, now a state champion in American football, faces a difficult choice.
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  • Batwoman – adventure series whose heroine, in order to help her father and save Gotham from chaos, takes on the role of Batwoman.

New movies in February on HBO GO

  • Hotel Mumbai (Hotel Mumbai)terrorists attack the Taj Mahal Palace, and the guests and employees trapped there try to survive. Movie based on facts – premiere: February 2
  • Rocketman – the story of the early years of Elton John, an icon of pop culture and one of the greatest personalities of the 20th century; starring Taron Egerton, who was awarded the Golden Globe for his creation – premiere: 9 February
  • The best enemies (The Best of Enemies)a fact-based tale of the escaping patterns of a black civil rights activist and local Ku Klux Klan leader. Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell starring – premiere: 9 February
  • Brightburn: Son of darkness (Brightburn) – over the years the young newcomer from space becomes more and more dangerous to the environment and threatens all humanity. Elizabeth Banks in one of the main roles – premiere: February 16
  • Men in Black: International – MIB agents are coming back to once again save the world from the deadly threat from space; Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson starring – premiere: February 23

  • Wonderland (Wonder Park) – a full-length animated film about an eight-year-old girl who, thanks to her imagination, moves to an unusual amusement park hidden in the forest – premiere: February 2
  • OK K.O.! Just fight (OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes) – animated series about the adventures of a boy named K.O. who wants to become the best superhero in the world – premiere: February 7, all season
  • The Amazing World of Gumball (The Amazing World of Gumball) – the first season of the animation about the blue cat Gumball, which together with their best friend Darwin have a unique ability to get into trouble – premiere: February 14, all season

Documents in February at HBO GO

  • McMiliony (McMillions) – HBO documentary series showing the story of a former policeman who for over 10 years watched over the regularity of the Monopoly lottery organized by the McDonald’s network, from which he secretly stole millions of dollars – premiere: February 4, another weekly

  • Ali and Cavett: A Tale Story (ANDli & Cavett: The Tale of the Tapes) – HBO documentary showing Muhammad Ali's long-standing relationship with popular TV presenter Dick Cavett. The production presents the views of the boxing master on many important social and political issues – the prime minister: February 12

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