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Harmony OS joins the game

It is good to start by explaining that Harmony OS was not and was not created just for smartphones. The manufacturer has already recognized that it is worth developing the product with all platforms in mind. For this reason, Harmony OS will appear on TVs, the Internet of Things, servers, laptops, wearables and smartphones, although of course such a transition process will require a lot of time. Another thing is whether customers themselves will be interested in such migration.

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One of the deputy directors, Joy Tan, shared in one of the interviews that Harmony OS is an extremely light system with unusual features. He also emphasized that the code base is smaller than for rivals and at the same time their software provides a higher level of security. However, it must be admitted that these words are now empty and very difficult to verify. In an interview he highlighted one more important thing. Namely, that Harmony OS will be different from Android or iOS and application developers will be able to make one application for many devices, not just smartphones. I am reminded of Microsoft's ambitious plans all the time, of which there are still few things.

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Of course, we will observe the development of Harmony OS. First of all, there was a library of applications under a big question mark. Huawei has been developing its own App Gallery program store for some time. However, it can not be hidden that its content is more modest than the Play Store or App Store, so the manufacturer decided to cleverly approach this. The solution to all problems was to become a simple porting of Android applications by ARK Compiler. This tool was to allow developers to quickly and conveniently compile programs for Harmony OS.

It sounded too good to be true. For now, many companies have a problem with this task and many Chinese developers are not yet able to create a demo using ARK Compiler. Unfortunately, the first opinions about him that were collected Abacusowi, clearly indicate that we are dealing with a product that is far from complete. What's more interesting, ARK Compiler is to be an open-source solution.

A powerful weapon in Huawei's hand

In addition, there are interesting market studies conducted by Counterpoint Research. It includes the percentage share of individual operating systems on devices such as smartphones or personal computers. According to research, in 2020 the first deposit will belong to Android (39%), followed by Windows (35%). The podium will be supplemented with iOS with a result of 13.87%, followed by macOS (5.92%) and Harmony OS with a result of 2%. This would mean that among individual customers, Harmony OS would win with various Linux distributions (0.77%). Pretty surprising statement.

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Harmony OS itself is to be adapted to absolutely every device and offer easier connection to QNX or Fuchsia from Google. We will only see how the market will accept it.

source: Gizchina

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