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341 gigabytes of data from social media – on this sample the possibilities that are currently characterized by Meena. This is 8.5 times more than GPT-2 by OpenAI. Google boasts that Meena is able to maintain any topic of conversation – from weather to science. Chatbot is even able to joke (usually poorly), although he probably does not understand them completely. A machine that is not aware will not even try to understand the jokes being made.

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Google is trying to make its AI solutions much closer to people. And it's not just about bringing assistants closer to clients, but tailoring them to different tasks. Let's say, Google Assistant is able to call the hotel and reserve a room for us in the time we "asked" him. This is a much more useful option – it ignores the maladjustment of some hotel platforms to operate them using specialized hotel services. Let's say that a specific hotel has no e-commerce platform and is not connected to any other. We bypass this assistant, who can reserve a place in a "traditional" way using speech understood by people.

  Microsoft is nice to look at. A bit crazy and a bit common
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