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In Google Play, you can now download software that makes life easier for deaf or hard of hearing people. They are much more useful solutions than those used in system accessibility. Live transcription processes real-time speech into text, and the Audio Amplifier allows you to better hear ambient sounds when you plug in a headset.

Dimitri Kanevsky is a Google scientist who has been working on speech recognition and communication technology for 30 years. A man from early childhood is deaf. After gathering the opinion of experts from the University of Gallaudet, the world’s most well-known university for the deaf and hard of hearing, he was able to design the application Live Transcription. It works in a slightly different way than the text-to-speech tools built into the system. The application has the option of adding text from the keyboard, which can also help people who do not speak. It also supports as many as 70 languages.

Quite a limitation is the inability to copy the text and use it later in other applications or as a form of saved notes. It’s a pity, because students and journalists could also use the software in this way. However, we must remember that this is not the final version of the application – Google made it available as part of Early Access. Anyone can download it, but it must reckon with the fact that it is not perfect.

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The second application is recommended for hearing impaired people. The sound amplifier, as the name suggests, increases the volume of important sounds in our vicinity (eg speech), reducing noise from the street or other types of environmental noises. After installing the software, enable in the Accessibility Settings and connect any headset. The sound amplifier is only available on devices with Android 9.

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