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The new tool will allow you to upload your photos and videos from Facebook to another website, starting from Google Photos. It is part of the Data Transfer Project (DTP), which they have created and have concluded among themselves, among others Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter. It aims to facilitate the transfer of information between services, i.e. to improve functionality for ordinary users.

Will Google Photos ever let me down? Today they delighted with a new, extremely useful function!

Everything will start in Ireland in the first half of 2020. Only after the tests there will the rest of the world gain access to the service. It remains for us to wait patiently. The service seems well thought out and useful. It should appeal especially to people who do not have in their blood the reflex of creating an automatic backup of photos from their phones, so Google has not yet had the chance to do many things for them.

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Facebook wants more of your data. I will even pay you for them

The data transfer project aims to create new tools that will enable people to freely transfer information over the internet. The vision of a flexible and easier data transfer ecosystem sounds extremely interesting. The creator group is open to dialogue with both programmers and users. Giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter are promised to be involved in the project. In theory, the effect of their actions is to be an amazing simplification of file transfer to various applications. No more mass clicking, downloading and uploading. Ultimately, it won't just end with photos and video files. It should be just as easy with e-mail, contacts, calendars or tasks. Everything has to be flown everywhere with a single click, don't live, don't die! We will see in practice whether it will actually work like a dream. And will we, users, have to pay some unwanted price for it? Not necessarily monetary.

Source: The verge

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