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The United States does not love China and does not like Chinese companies. Especially those dealing with technology, such as ZTE or Huawei. The US government believes that these two companies are spying on people using their technology (especially employees of governments in other countries) and provide collected information to the authorities of the Middle Kingdom. Americans also warn European countries against it, but it turns out that nobody really cares.

The US has warned many European countries about using the 5G infrastructure from Huawei. The Chinese company, however, ensures that it does not spy on users. They even said openly that it could give every willing government access to the source code it uses to show that there is nothing to hide.

The US problem in the fight against Huawei is the lack of evidence. America is accusing, but it can not show in any way that the Chinese are transferring the information they collect to the PRC government. For this reason, Great Britain and Poland are considering the use of 5G technology from this manufacturer, which offers it much cheaper and faster than the competition. Now, Germany also shared information about the initial decision on Huawei’s admission to tenders for new infrastructure.

  Apple and Samsung have their indentations, so Huawei will do it its own way

For our western neighbors it is a chance to catch up, which arose when the state slept at the moment of mass implementation of fiber optics. It would be a big plus for the economy and general technological progress of Germany, which should be used in the absence of proven security threats.

If the Germans decide to trust Huawei, all the efforts of the US authorities can be wasted. Other EU countries seeing the decision of the Germans and the United Kingdom can also give the green light to the Chinese, and then the US campaign against the Middle Kingdom company will prove to be a flop.

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