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Seriously gaming Android smartphones

The gaming market on mobile devices has become number one. Due to the fact that we can play anytime, anywhere, this form has become extremely popular and this trend will only get stronger. This can also be seen by the fact that new gaming phones from Razer, Asus or Xiaomi Black Shark went on sale. Now it turns out that Google wants to take them seriously and we can wait to create even a separate category for them.

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Google is currently working on a certificate called Game Device Certification. For the time being, this has not been officially announced, but online you can already come across documents containing accurate technical guidelines. The whole is to ensure great performance with every game and such a certificate will be able to receive only devices with stable work culture. I wonder how Americans will want to verify it.

What specific guidelines are there to be? For now, we know that the gaming device must support Vulkan API version at least 1.1 and have at least 2.3 GB of RAM available for applications. The process will also include a test by Khronos. It is very interesting which producers will decide to follow this path. I am of the opinion that a lot of companies will benefit from it, and the customers themselves will get even better mobile gaming devices. I am especially counting on the fact that the appearance of the Game Device Certification certificate will also translate into the fact that developers will try to transfer AAA games to smaller screens. For now it is a dream, but I hope it will come true soon.

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What will result from Game Device Certification?

Undoubtedly, the mobile games sector itself is developing very interestingly. Just look at the latest proposals in the style of Call of Duty or Fortnite, which pretty much blur the line between productions only on PCs or consoles from Sony or Microsoft with those on smartphones. I think a lot can be done here. Currently, telephones are a multimedia entertainment center for us, so it is quite a natural direction of development and it is good that it is possible to use the available computing power in specific programs.

Google itself will also have the opportunity to create something competitive for Apple Arcade or even allowing certified devices to compete with the unsurpassed model of mobile gaming, Nintendo Switch. For this reason, it promises to be a really fascinating fight.

How do you see the future of Android gaming smartphones?

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source: Engadget

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