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A black box and speed limiter will appear

I wrote about planned changes to the standard car equipment in March, when the speed limiter aroused the biggest emotions. Under that post you left over 160 comments, mostly critical. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in this matter, the speed limiter remains and will work according to the previously described principle. Each new car will be equipped with a mechanism for reading the speed limit signs, and in addition will be supported by GPS. It is not yet clear whether the system can be turned off, it was said that at least in the early stages this possibility should appear.

In addition, the list of standard equipment will also include the driver fatigue monitoring system, which will recommend us rest if he notices symptoms of fatigue. The lane maintenance system will complement this. If you fall asleep behind the wheel or faint, the car should stay on its lane, and if the driver does not react to sound signals, it will stop and turn on the hazard warning lights. Such systems already exist, but now they will have to be installed in every car and van.

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