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Faster Firefox? Why not!

Mozilla, working on his browser, seems to know exactly what users need. Instead of adding niche features, developers provide various options to help protect privacy and increase the speed of the program. After a series of thinking about ways to protect users, now apparently the time to accelerate.

firefox quantum

In the latest version of Firefox Nightly, a new feature has been added to increase speed. This is an automatic unloading of unused cards. If while using Firefox we opened a lot of cards and loaded their contents, it is kept in the cache, which directly affects the speed of operation. In the upcoming version, if the card is left unused for a long time, the browser can automatically eject its contents from the cache, so we will have to load it again after reopening. It will, however, make the memory less busy, and Firefox will work faster.

This mechanism will be based on the priority list. The usual cards will be unloaded first. The pinned cards are the second on the list, followed by the tabs that play the sound, and at the end, the sound-restored pages will be similar.

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The new feature is expected to appear in a stable browser release for Windows, Linux and macOS. Due to the small amount of time that has been left for the release of the stable version 66, it will most likely appear in the update 67.

However, in the forthcoming March 19 version 66, there is a change that also affects the speed of action, but in a slightly different way. Mozilla wants the add-ons to abandon JSON for IdexedDB as a backend for local memory. The publisher believes that this is a good way to reduce the browser addons memory size so that the browser would need less time to run.

Let’s hope that Firefox will continue to go in this direction.

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