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Unfortunately, because I wanted to look at her. The principle of the program is very simple – the user participates in research, surveys and gets points for it. Points can, however, be exchanged e.g. for a transfer to PayPal. 1000 points is worth 5 dollars. Almost 2 nozzles for completing the survey? Why not!

According to foreign media, on the occasion of the premiere of Facebook Viewpoints, the giant proposes a survey on a healthy lifestyle. This is to allow Facebook to create products that have a limited negative impact on their lives. " It's about social media – which, according to psychologists and social researchers, have a huge, not always good impact on how we feel and how we build relationships with friends.

Does Facebook have reason and human dignity?

Facebook is currently not in the best position when it comes to image. Just look at what is said about this giant absolutely loud and clear. Facebook is spying, Facebook is eavesdropping, Facebook is selling us for a dog poison (oh, not for a dog …) to advertisers. Cambridge Analytica – the scandal we will be returning to for a very, very long time certainly contributed to talk about Zuckerberg's business this way.

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