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I don't know if I need another payment system, but I'm a bit surprised that with such domination on the social media market, Facebook still doesn't have its own payment mechanism. I should write, however, in the past tense, because Facebook Pay is starting in the US this week, and there are already more giant sites in the queue – Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook Pay has nothing to do with the Libra cryptocurrency wallet. Of course, there are big concerns about data security and privacy – however, you will be able to use both the PIN code and biometric security features on your mobile device, and the data will be encrypted and monitored to prevent fraud. Purchase history using the Facebook payment system will not be shared outside the application, and the account and card number should not appear anywhere. However – and probably no one will be surprised – our purchases using the Facebook payment system will affect the ads displayed on the site.

  Facebook wants more of your data. I will even pay you for them

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