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Facebook gaming is a concept that was supposed to compete with platforms such as Twitch. This project was an inherent failure from the very beginning, Facebook does not understand players, does not understand this phenomenon, but tries to do something of its own. Unfortunately, the platform is not going so well, as can be seen from the number of viewers of each relationship.

I do not know if it was the reason for employment to promote popular patrons or maybe they were hired earlier. Anyway, gentlemen, nicknames Nitrozyniak whether Rafonix are active on Facebook Gaming. The first one straight in one of the video materials boasted that he has the best (most expensive) deal with Facebook in Poland (regarding Facebook Gaming). If you hit on andch materials get ready for a large dose of shit and other, very charming, epithets, which according to Facebook are probably an integral part of playing and players.

Here is an example of what level the new Facebook Gaming stars are presenting

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Of course, Facebook does not warn us what content we can contact their Facebook Gaming, there are no age limits, messages, etc.

Someone may say that the same thing happens on Twitch and it may be true (although I remember that Twitch reacts very quickly in some cases), but this is Facebook, a defender of the rule of law, correctness and tolerance, where you can get a bare body picture ban, as well as for incorrect statements in posts.

Meanwhile, as it happens in life, like any classic corporation on promotion, marketers in the ass have rules as long as they agree on the excel numbers. It's the same with Facebook. I will not believe that, when signing a contract or proposing cooperation to such a Nitrozniak, the agency (or whoever did it) did not know who to deal with.

Promoting people like Rafonix amongst their streamers, even if it is without a contract, it is also a pathology. The guy bowed so much that even Youtube banned him (and for years YT was very tolerant for pathuses). Waiting for Rafonix to have a live binge on Facebook, these are the ranges.

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Fortunately, Facebook Gaming is such a bad product that no popular patroller will help them.

The minister of digitization has recently talked about the fight against patrostemers – there is an opportunity for this and there is a large player with whom you can talk about it, i.e. Facebook.

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