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The most popular Facebook profiles, posts and hashtags in Poland

It is known for a long time that Polish Twitter has been mastered by politicians, so let's start with a more interesting statement referring to Facebook. According to Gemius survey for December 2019, this most popular social network in the world was visited by over 21 million real users in Poland, which places Facebook in the top three most popular websites in our country. Twitter is not catching up to the top twenty yet, but the entry threshold is not small because it is just over 8 million RU.

Which profiles are the most popular on Facebook? Invariably, Robert Lewandowski boasts the largest number of fans – over 9.1 million fans, Kuba Błaszczykowski is over 2.2 million in second place, so the huge gap between the first and second place, and the podium closes Play with a slightly smaller group of fans. Our largest online sales platform, Allegro, is also high (over 18.5 million RU in December 2019).

In turn, the fastest growing profiles that won the largest number of fans in 2019 are profiles with recipes – Noizz Food and Pyszności and with links to articles in the LOL Mania network.

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And it was LOL Mania that caused the most interaction from fans last year, followed by SokzBurak in second place and the Popular profile in third, which, like LOL Mania, shares links found on the web.

An interesting composition has the opposite combination, i.e. fanpage interactions -> fans, the biggest four of our infrastructure operators, Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile, had the most responses to fan posts, and Allegro was also involved between them.

In contrast, the most active profiles in the past year, on which the largest number of posts were published, were Radio Maryja profiles, which overtook even SokzBuraka and Virtual Poland.

When it comes to the most-used hashtags, it wins # more from TVP Info, then we have #tvpsport and #katowice in third place.

Finally, we have the most popular posts, here the post with the most likes, shares and comments was the Coca Cola post, under which Internet users voted for the cities that the Coca-Cola truck is to visit.

The most popular Twitter profiles, posts and hashtags in Poland

In the case of Twitter, in the top ten profiles with the largest number of followers, we again have Robert Lewandowski, three politicians, Newsweek, the Pope, MTV, Tomasz Fox, president of PZPN Zbigniew Boniek, and in the first place the profile of TVN24.

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Among the fastest growing profiles was the CD PROJEKT RED profile, certainly due to the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077, which attracted not only Polish fans to this profile. In this ranking, however, the profile of Auschwitz Memorial wins, and the podium closes Robert Lewandowski.

The profile of Auschwitz Memorial also caused the largest number of interactions of the followers, more than 2 million less had them Krzystof Stanisiski, founder of the sports service We entered, slightly less Tomasz Lis, who took third place.

The most frequently mentioned profiles were the profiles of news stations – TVP Info and TVN24, the ruling and opposition parties and Prime Minister Morawiecki.

Words of appreciation belong to Janusz Piechociński, who throughout the year kept pace with tweeting Onet, Polish Radio 24, Radio Maryja and TVP Info.

As for the most popular hashtags, just like on Facebook the most used was #more, we still have #tokfm and # pr24.

We still have the most popular Twitter posts in 2019, and these were published on the profile of Auschwitz Memorial and Dominik Tarczyński.

Source: Sotrender.

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