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The one available to everyone concerns the inclusion of extended descriptions in PUSH notifications in the mBank mobile application for Android and iOS.

When PUSH notifications appeared in my bank, I enabled them immediately for all operations on my account. In them, the bank informs me about inflows and outflows from the account or card payments and using BLIK. In a situation where such PUSH notification comes directly after the operation I performed, i.e. for example after making a transfer in electronic banking or after contactless payment in the store, I do not have to go into the details of the operation, because I know it is my operation. However, in case of notification about some automatic operation, such as payment for HBO or operations between my account or savings account, every time I have to click on this notification to know its details.

From now on, mBank customers using the bank's mobile application will learn the details of each operation from the PUSH level.

Wouldn't it be more convenient to get notifications on the phone with information from whom and how much money has just been credited to your account? In our opinion, it is more convenient than logging in to the application and constantly checking whether the money has already arrived. That is why you can now receive PUSH messages, thanks to which you will immediately know how much money has been credited to your account. Notifications will also let you know the details of card and BLIK payments.

To take advantage of this new feature, simply enter the mobile application in the Settings -> Notifications -> enable Operation Details menu.

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The aforementioned novelty for entrepreneurs concerns the provision of the factoring service in a mobile application. To check if you can use it, you must go to the Finance -> Loans tab.

Source: mBank.

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