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Initially, Plibo was made available to the inhabitants of Ursynów, Służewiec and Wilanów, but its positive reception and the response that this application met with caused that its creators decided to expand its scope of operation to practically all of Warsaw.

Adam Bielański founder and President of Mindhive:

The Plibo app is a fresh project on the market for only a few weeks. The pilot program was only available for three Warsaw districts. During this time, we noticed a lot of interest in the application and the services it offers. From the very beginning, our main goal was to expand our business to other districts. Thanks to intensified work, we were able to make the application available to all districts of Warsaw faster than we expected. In the coming weeks, we will work on expansion to other Polish agglomerations.

An important element of Plibo is the fact that it brings together only proven specialists in its database. Therefore, application users do not have to wonder whether a given professional will meet their expectations.

We also have predetermined rates for performing specific works, thanks to which the process of negotiating prices for performing the service is going away, and customers, even before approving the order of a specialist, know what the final cost of the repair will be. I used the comparison with Uber in the title for a reason.

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Adam Bielański:

The customer does not have to guess which supplier will be the best – everyone on the platform meets uniform standards of work and behavior. He doesn't have to guess and negotiate rates. Thanks to special algorithms, information about the order quickly reaches a potentially interested contractor. We eliminate the stage of price negotiations, auctions between contractors, which allows us to solve the customer's fault on the day of its notification.

In the Plibo application we have the option of choosing a specific repair category from among those defined – Plumbing, Electricity, Air-conditioning and heating, Gates and locks, Garden or other minor repairs.

In turn, in the details of a given category we can define a subcategory of repair, i.e. what exactly it is about to apply, also with an attached price list of each of them – crossed out prices are basic rates, but by the end of the year there is a promotion for all services – 35% cheaper.

After selecting the appropriate repair category and sub-category, we already select the specific type of defect, after which we can proceed to placing the order. As a rule, professionals are required to accept an order if they are able to reach the client within 4 hours of accepting it. I waited a few minutes and there was no suggestion from them.

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However, it was a pleasant surprise that a few minutes after I canceled my order, the Plibo phone rang with an explanation why no professional appeared and asked to repeat the order in a moment when one of the contractors was released.

I think positively the idea for Plibo, the performance also leaves little to be desired. The application is simple and intuitive, it does not require the infinite amount of data, it works efficiently and I went through the entire order process without any problems.

Certainly, the challenge will be for them to acquire a sufficiently large database of professionals who will be able to complete all orders from all over Warsaw on such dates.

You will find more details about Plibo on them website (where applications of willing professionals are also accepted), and the application for ordering professionals can be downloaded from Google Play. An iOS version is in preparation.

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