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Soros in Davos spoke quite clearly about what he thinks about the relationship between Facebook and Donald Trump, who will seek re-election to the office of the President of the United States.

I think there is an informal mutual support action or agreement between Trump and Facebook. Facebook will work on re-choosing Trump, and Trump will work on protecting Facebook so that this situation cannot be changed, which worries me a lot in 2020.

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"I think". Ha. No evidence that Trump Facebook really supports. But on the other hand, an extremely powerful man talks about it. One that world leaders talk differently to others. Or is it so that Soros knows something and cannot speak openly? Maybe there is something that connects the social giant and the controversial US president? I do not want to spread the atmosphere of "shyness" in this text, but it is strange if a guy like Soros is starting to connect Facebook with Trump. Rather, he wasn't provoked. And in my opinion, Davos is not a place for such things at all.

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How Trump could protect Facebook

Facebook has a lot behind its ears – scandals related to user privacy, further mechanisms entering our privacy with shoes, consumers unconvinced by IoT devices from him, as well as cryptocurrency that suffers from unbelieving partners in it. Despite these problems, Facebook is still in a fairly good situation and I can't imagine at this point that it is starting to "fall" or anyway fall into a more serious crisis. Facebook is in such a phase of its development that it simply cannot fall apart, something really terrible would have to happen. The basis of his activity is a social platform that works perfectly, his advertising platform also works great. What more could you want?

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Trump, however, spoke badly about Facebook Libra. Let's move back a few months:

So cryptocurrencies can be dangerous, and Trump is not a fan of them. Well, it doesn't bode well. And what if Facebook got along with Trump and for some things the president turns a blind eye. For this, however, Facebook will have to do a few things for Trump – at least in terms of distribution of content that will favor the re-election of this man? By the way, doing things that will not be beneficial to his opponent in the race for the chair of the president. Then what?

We have no evidence of this and, even if it's true, we may never have it. Anything to prove power at this level would have to cause some serious leakage, something unbelievable would have to appear in WikiLeaks, for example.

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Facebook could have some interest in helping Trump

We don't know everything. Perhaps officials want to plant on Facebook once again. Or maybe there is some big scandal that is beyond our perception. Trump could realistically help the giant, if he stands out with gratitude expressed in actions aimed at his re-election. Facebook has enormous firepower and whoever controls this medium is able to change election results. I wonder if any choices in the world are "free" due to the fact that it is perfectly possible to control the mood of people on social media.

Regardless of the truth, Soros caused some consternation, which, regardless of the facts, can harm Facebook. Because Trump will manage somehow – he is known for similar activities and everyone is expecting them. But let Facebook fraternize with Trump? That's a shame. In such a situation, people may lose the remnants of trust in the social giant.

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