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The director of TVP Sport, Marek Szkolnikowski, announced today on Twitter that all 51 matches of the EURO 2020 tournament will be produced in 4K resolution. Let me remind you that the great big football tournament, World Championships in 2018, could be watched on the TVP 4K channel, which was launched shortly before. Today it is inactive, TVP has extinguished it due to lack of quality content, but apparently the plan envisages its re-inclusion for the needs of a sporting event.

Szkolnikowski did not provide any additional information regarding the planned broadcasts from EURO 2020, although of course there were many questions about them. Paweł Okopień from iMagazine warned me and asked about the issue of launching the channel and the availability of the TVP Sport application for smart TV and Apple TV, where broadcasts could be carried out in 4K resolution via the Internet. We did not receive any answers, but we know that TVP plans to re-make available the materials from the games on its website and in mobile applications for Android and iOS. These will definitely include gates, summaries, analyzes and highlights as well as reports by Polish Television reporters.

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Of all this information, of course, I'm most pleased with the announcement of the 4K transmission. In stores today is no use to look for receivers that do not support 4K resolution, so customers will finally be able to use their screens during the most important football tournament next year. I have many ultra-high definition matches behind me, including Champions League matches and the English Premier League on CANAL +, as well as last year's World Cup on TVP 4K and CANAL +, and I have to say that watching sport in this setting is a completely different pleasure. Meanwhile, we need to be patient and wait for the details that will please us in the near future TVP.

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