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I never hid that jRPG is my favorite portable version – that's why I lost it almost from the entrance. However, I immediately warn you that Dragon Quest XI is not a game that will enchant you with everything you can from the entrance: it is a production that needs time to spread its wings. The story of the chosen one, grand principals and local intrigues actually went far into the background than it should, considering the RPG. But what captivated me completely were mechanics, heroes met gradually, learning new tricks by reading random books from around the world. Yes, the gameplay in Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition definitely plays the first violin for me. And finally I was carried away by the magic of the game, which after a few hours offered a fantastic system of development of the hero, all the time tempted with new combinations and regularly added new characters that helped me in the fight. The classic, turn-based combat system may be archaic, but I still like to come back to it. Especially with so many combinations and a nice hero development system, which at checkpoints we can zero for a small amount of gold and put on something completely new.

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