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Safari on iOS shares some data with the Chinese giant – Tencent

In order to provide users with as much protection as possible, Safari has been sending data to for years Google Safe Browsingwhich is unlikely to surprise anyone. These messages about dangerous websites that we want to visit are largely due to them. But users have found that outside of Google – similar data also goes to Tencent Safe Browsing. Certainly in iOS 13 (and newer), and probably this story began a little earlier, because of iOS 12.2. And you can really bother if there is anything to worry about and whether Tencent gets any information from users outside of China (because I remind you that Google services are unavailable in the Middle Kingdom). And if we take into account the rather gloomy moods regarding trust in Chinese giants – this is not particularly good news for everyone who believed that by reaching for Apple products they would be able to take care of their safety. Because the giant has been showing a prudent approach to the security and privacy of users of its services for years.

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