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Customers in Chinawho will purchase new SIM cards must scan their face – the law came into force yesterday and, unfortunately, is already enforced. As indicated by the Chinese government, this type of provision is meant to protect the interests and rights of users of such services. Will it really be like that? Well, I am sure that, first and foremost, the interests of the government and the current system are the main reasons why China begins another period of unfavorable law from the point of view of citizens' privacy.

There is a lot of talk about the fact that China would like no one to be anonymous on the web: many times the words of PRC party activists were saying that every Internet user would be operating in cyberspace under their real name. This, of course, would facilitate the identification of unfavorable authorities and would probably scare those dissatisfied with the current order in China.

What do the Chinese say?

It is not known, we do not know the mood of PRC citizens in connection with this change. However, the Chinese do not have to make a huge drama out of this change – the reason for this may be the fact that … Chinese citizens are generally accustomed to facial recognition technology. For them, this is not surprising, hence it may turn out that it does not necessarily bother them that they have to scan their face before buying a SIM card. Anyway, the activity of the state apparatus is strongly focused on eliminating any dissatisfaction while they are still in the seed.

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What is the purpose of the Chinese? Well, it is very likely to facilitate the system of "social points", under which every citizen will be subjected to electronic evaluation – depending on what acts are committed, will present a different point level. How many of them "have" on your account may depend on whether you get to the right school or get employed in your dream job. Indeed, even taking a loan can be more difficult when "points do not match".

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China is testing solutions that are the wet dream of everyone who dreams of a totalitarian system (yes, there are such people). The ubiquitous government, social points system, propaganda, censorship – these are some of the more characteristic elements of China. Let's add "face scanning" and citizen recognition using well-distributed cameras scattered throughout the PRC. A terrifying, but unfortunately a real prospect.

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