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Research carried out by scientists from the University of New York and Stanford University has shown that Facebook users feel more satisfied with their lives and less depressed as soon as they opt out of social media. Short detox causes them to visit Zuckerberg’s website less often.

The experiment was attended by 2488 people who declared that they use Facebook for at least an hour each day. The researchers distinguished two groups of participants: one of them had to deactivate the account on the portal and not return to the application for a month (though the Messenger was allowed to use), and the other one was still able to use the site. During this month, the participants of the experiment took part in tests regarding their mood and emotions.

It turned out that the group without Facebook spent less time in other social networks, although it was not a requirement of the experiment. These people were more likely to meet with friends and family, play sports and just watch TV. Less frequently, they were browsing news in any form. Each of them confirmed that they feels happier and … less lonely. After the end of the trial period, it turned out that the volunteers did not want to use Facebook as much as they did before the experiment.

Deactivation of the account has improved the well-being of users. The experiment proves that the use of Facebook becomes a habit. And people have found that they can enjoy life without Facebook more than they expected – comment the authors of the publication.

These results should not surprise anyone. Social media is a place that is largely used to look at the lives of other people, which is often a creation. In confrontation with your own, this illusory world often seems much more attractive, which creates a feeling of jealousy and depression. This is confirmed, for example, by American teenagers. Over half of eighth grade students who spend more than 10 hours in social media weekly admit that they are unhappy.

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