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Joanna Czajka, product manager of the Opera PC browser

An improved tracking script blocking tool is available in Opera 64 in the areas of Easy Configuration and Browser Settings. While the mechanism is running, you can view its status: an icon appears in the address bar where you can check how many scripts have been blocked by the browser. Thus, the user has a full view of how much data was attempted to "extract" from him during a visit to a given site.

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The improved tracking script block mechanism uses the "EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List", which is extremely similar to what was proposed in the ad blocking function. The primary effect of enabling this feature is browsing the internet by up to 20 percent faster. In conjunction with the ad blocking service implemented in the previous version, performance can increase by up to 23 percent. A much higher level of privacy of the network user is not without significance.

We believe that blocking tracking scripts is a browser function that can remain enabled at all times. Our browser, however, also has many extended privacy features that will be useful in situations where we need additional privacy protection while browsing.

adds Joanna Czajka, product manager of the Opera PC browser

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The new Opera 64 is not only security

The browser manufacturer also boasts that the new version has improved the "Photo" tool, which allows the user to create screenshots of any website in its entirety or copy and edit a fragment. Everything happens in the browser, without having to edit the file saved on the computer.

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