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For some time, the labor market has been convinced that we currently have an employee market in Poland, the results of the BCC and AEH surveys seem to confirm this.

During the conference "The perfect employer – the perfect employee", which took place on December 2 at the headquarters of the Business Center Club, presents the results of research that BCC conducted together with the University of Economics and Humanities in Warsaw. They present mutual assessments and expectations that employers have towards employees and employees towards employers. The study involved 483 employees from various companies and 99 employers. Their results can be a hint in creating employment policy in a company or forecasting labor demand and supply on a micro and macro scale. Similar studies were conducted earlier in 2018, 2017 and 2005-2008.

Already in 2017 they were big, not to say huge problems with hiring new employees, this trend slightly weakened in 2018, but in the current employer they report similar problems at a similar level as two years ago.

What problems are most often reported by employers? 58% of employers reported an increase in the financial expectations of job candidates, less than a year earlier – 75%, but they are still a large percentage. Similar indications refer to the lack of employees with the required qualifications, and most, however, as to the lack of people willing to work at all – 66%.

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Let's check now what has changed in the employee's expectations, as to where they would like to work compared to last year. Less important than a year ago is the opportunity for employees to develop or raise their qualifications, friendly atmosphere, good relations with subordinates, stability of employment and interesting opportunities for promotion.

Similar observations regarding the decrease in significance of many aspects functioning in the workplace are noted by employers in relation to employees currently employed.

And how did the eyes of employees change the image of the perfect boss? Fewer employees than a year ago indicate the importance of its flexibility or organizational abilities, responsibility, professionalism and commitment.

Determining the ideal employee in the eyes of employers is also worrying, because loyalty is losing importance, which is incomprehensible in the context of the high costs of training new people. An ideal employee is enough to be responsible and obligatory or open to new experiences and changes. Fortunately, the price is still, but to a lesser extent, diligence and commitment.

These were attitude assessments, let's look at the ideal features of the boss in the eyes of employees. The importance of his honesty has decreased, while the importance of forbearance and awareness of diversity has increased. A smaller percentage of employees also indicates that they should be creative, cooperative or have interpersonal and communication skills.

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In turn, when bosses assess the characteristics of an ideal employee, their honesty, creativity or openness to cooperation are less important, while the percentage of indications for their positive attitude or interpersonal and communication skills has increased.

Well, finally let's take a look at this real amount of remuneration according to employees and employers.

However, it turns out here that employers are more aware of salary increases. 24% of them believe that the range of 3,000 – 4 thousand is already sufficient when 39% of such indications a year earlier. In contrast, higher ranges recorded an increase among employers – from 40% to 52%. In turn, in the eyes of employees, these changes are less visible. Only in the case of remuneration between 4,000 and 5,000 we have more indications by 7 percentage points than a year before and at ranges between 5 and 6 thousand 4 percentage points. So this is some increase in the financial expectations of employees, but not as large as one would expect, after indications from employers, that this is already a big and noticeable problem.

Source: Business Center Club.

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