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The Specfile application encrypts our correspondence and sends attachments to selected recipients from the list and sends to the server information on each correspondence – who, what, when, to whom. In addition, to make sure the sender and proof of receipt of correspondence, the recipient's application sends a message about its decryption to the server, which returns this information to the sender's application along with the date and time of its decryption. What if the recipient is not a user of the Specfile system? The sender's application sends along with the correspondence, detailed information about it together with a link and an invitation to download it.

The information contains information about the sender, the name of the document and plain text (explanation) from the sender. The application periodically checks on the server whether the recipient's encryption keys have appeared, and if so, then it downloads the recipient's public key, encrypts the pending document and sends it to the recipient. The sender may set a waiting period of several days.

If the recipient does not decrypt the correspondence within a given period, the sender will receive an appropriate report from the server so that he can prepare it for traditional shipment, i.e. by registered post.

However, there will be a way too, because the system creators thought about it and created something like a bonus for receiving / decrypting such correspondence. Senders will be able to fund their recipients' wallet with a certain amount of money, for example – PLN 1 or PLN 2, which they will be able to pay for sending their correspondence.

The cost of such shipment on the sender's side will be PLN 1.00 commission for system developers, which at the current price of a traditional registered letter of at least PLN 5.90, even with the recipient's bonus seems to be extremely profitable.

Conversation with the creator of Specfile – Katarzyna Abramowicz

These are technical issues that the creator of the system herself described a few days ago on an industry website Personally, I decided to ask her about practical issues that interest me. Here is our brief conversation:

Grzegorz Ułan, Antyweb: You are starting your offer from October, but for whom? Who can use it, who will want to use it?

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Katarzyna Abramowicz, Specfile: Every company and every person, without restrictions. However, we do not count quickly on state offices and institutions, because these are waiting for a new law regulating the legal force of such shipments and for e-Delivery. We assume, however, that the new Act on delivery will specify the Polish Post e-Delivery system as applicable to shipments from / to state offices and institutions. Yes it is announced.

It is a pity, of course, that PP will be a monopolist here again. However, companies and individuals will be able to choose any undisputed shipping system of this type among themselves, especially competitive in terms of simplicity and prices.

Grzegorz Ułan, Antyweb: What is the legal force of the referrals sent from your system? Same as registered post sent by traditional Polish Post?

Katarzyna Abramowicz, Specfile: The definition of registered mail specifies that it is a letter whose sender receives confirmation of posting and the recipient confirms its receipt. There is no definition of electronic registered letter. It will be probably determined by the act on e-Deliveries being prepared. However, due to the specifics of encrypting the sent document and decryption (an individual application with encryption keys protected by the user's password) and the process of automatic transmission of data about these events to the server, the fact of encrypting the document by the sender and decrypting the document by the recipient is undeniable.

At present, we must stipulate that no court or court expert should undermine the Confirmation of such a letter sent to the sender by Specfile, if the sender can prove that the recipient's e-mail address belongs to the person or company to whom he addressed his letter. Soon, this need will be taken over by Specfile website, creating a certificate of use of the e-mail address by the Trusted Profile or the user's electronic signature (until now the use of a given e-mail address by the user of the Specfile website was standard controlled only by continuing to register the user from the link sent to the indicated e-mail address).

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Grzegorz Ułan, Antyweb: E-service "state" will be carried out by the designated operator, that is, by the Polish Post Office until 2025, will you participate in the tender later?

Katarzyna Abramowicz, Specfile: Probably yes, but as I wrote above, we assume that by that time we will serve companies and individuals.

Grzegorz Ułan, Antyweb: Do you have the knowledge how Poczta Polska will be providing this type of service by then? Will it be similar to yours?

Katarzyna Abramowicz, Specfile: No, we do not find information about the technical details of the implementation of the e-Delivery system by Poczta Polska ( in a form enabling evaluation or discussion of the solutions adopted.

In particular, we cannot answer the following questions:

  • Will the content of the letter and attachments be encrypted (we encrypt attachments with us)?
  • will you need a dedicated application to decrypt the content (specfile.exe with us)?
  • will the operator's server (Poczta Polska) have access to the content of the letter (not with us)?
  • will the e-Delivery system require setting up a new individual e-mail inbox for this and where (not with us)?
  • Will using the e-Delivery system require additional contracts (obligations, declarations of consent) from users (not with us)?
  • on which undeniable terms is the receipt of an electronic registered letter certified (with us by registering the recipient's application and providing the server with information about the decryption of the received letter)?

2.5 years ago, as Ms Streżyńska was a minister of digitization, we submitted in a competition organized by the ministry a project to create such a solution for e-delivery. MC organized a competition in which solutions could be submitted. Unfortunately, after the Minister was replaced, the project died and disappeared. Nobody gave us information whether or if any part of our solution was used or could be helpful in building solutions in e-delivery. So we've built our own solution. Whether the software will be similar, it will turn out how Poczta Polska will release its solution.

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