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The Ministry of Health has already submitted a relevant draft ordinance in this matter, pursuant to which the PEM standards in Poland are to be increased by up to 100 times. You can read the full justification below link (Pdf).

In its justification, the Ministry cites, among others, the Institute of Communications report, about which we wrote to you at the beginning of March this year, and according to which, with current PEM standards, it will not be possible to build a 5G network in Poland.

In this report, this Institute points out that 5G is not only the next stage of technological development, but also a necessity due to the ending resources of the existing 4G caused by a gigantic increase in the consumption of data transfer in our country.

The problem is serious due to the fact that Poland is recording huge increases in the use of mobile internet, which is quite significant when it comes to the use of it by Poles in comparison with other nations in Europe. Currently, the average data consumption per month is 3.5 GB per SIM card, and in 2025 it is expected to grow to as much as 85 GB per month. In addition, the share of mobile internet in Poland amounts to 14% of all Internet traffic, and in Europe only 6% – by 2022 this share is expected to increase to 22% in Poland and only to 10% in Europe.

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