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Why am I getting out of the problem of piracy regarding subscription services? Because there is a significant correlation between them: subscription services are what makes piracy stop paying for pirates. The subscription is usually cheap, its renewal is cyclical and therefore the service provided in this way is available to the consumer. Instead of "ripping" the torrents of torrents, or downloading several seasons of the series at the same time, we can pay Spotify and Netflix for instant (and legal) access to these goods. The more subscribers there are, the less pirates there are. It is very easy.

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BlueMedia shows a report in which it diagnoses "subscription boom"

If I were to write this report, I would be reluctant to write a "boom". But ok, let's assume the nomenclature of Autopay Research in the study "How we use subscription services" for this year. Compared to previous years, there is a noticeable increase in interest in subscription services, which is expressed in the percentage of people who pay for this type of solution.

According to BlueMedia, every fourth Pole declares payment for video streaming services in the subscription model. It would not be anything spectacular were it not for the fact that a year ago, slightly more than every 10 respondents stated similarly, and in 2017 the result was exactly the same. It seems that for a year something happened that prompted Poles to pay. The creator of the study has a theory for this, I will propose my own.

On the one hand, people avoid subscription fees, even those required by law. It is estimated that over ⅔ of households avoid paying radio and TV subscription. At the same time, an increasing number of people are ready to pay for access to streaming platforms. During the year, the number jumped by more than 100 percent! People appreciate that once registering for the service they receive almost unlimited access to music or movies, without the need to remember to pay monthly payments. It is convenience that is the most common reason for using services in the subscription model. The ease of payment and the price, which is lower than for each payment of the service, is also important.

Marcin Szczur, expert of Blue Media, a Polish finance and technology company.

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I will agree, but I will add my three groszy. That's right now I think that this has been contributed by, among others, mobile operators who add to their offers, e.g. access to Tidal, Netflix, HBO GO, Play Now and so on. As far as I know, consultants selling services in telecoms are obliged to remind the customer about this, encourage him to use the added value of the subscription, and even show him what the process of registration / activation / downloading the application looks like. It is no wonder that consumers get attached to such solutions, and when the free gift period expires, they decide to pay for access to them themselves.

What tempts Poles with subscription services?

For me, the mechanism is very similar as in the case of modern BLIK financial solutions, paying by phone, etc. Ease of use, convenience are the main arguments for turning to subscription platforms. Their strength is so great that it even beats free piracy. Downloading the series from torrents is already a passe: it takes a bit, they are not always available with a Polish teacher, sometimes subtitles in Polish sucks, and we have no guarantee that instead of the beloved series we will get a German slider or worse – malware. You buy Netfliks, pay, you go. It's so easy, right?

Finally, consumers note that this option is cheaper than the traditional distribution model. Instead of paying the full price for an Office, it's better to subscribe to it. Microsoft laughed first, and then the idea was appreciated: it was actually this company that was a pioneer in pulling professional packages into the monthly fee model.

When purchasing software, we usually have no other choice but to subscribe – almost all major antivirus or so-called anti-virus software producers office packages (like Office) have gone on to sell subscriptions. International websites such as Netflix, HBO GO or Amazon Prime Video are not only officially available to Polish customers, but they have an increasingly attractive offer for Poles. In addition, we have a number of Polish-derived platforms from to or, which have worked for years for their popularity.

adds Marcin Szczur

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I would like to remind Mr Marcin how has built its popularity. I hope you know For this reason, this website is not the best possible example (although certainly its situation has changed somewhat in recent years).

Poles are comfortable. Also in paying

Do you know that there are people who pay for subscriptions using … a traditional transfer? I can't understand it a bit: I attach the card to my account and … ride. The rest is happening without me. Fortunately, this method of payment is losing importance and card payment is gaining. Interestingly … the Blue Media study depicts the decline in payment operators. In the case of BLIK, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay payments, data for previous years was not available.

And how? Is it good? It's getting better, but not as good as it could be. Poles are slowly maturing to subscription services and it is only this year that shows that they can also find out about them, which I obviously enjoy very much. The more users switch to this model, the less it will pirate. And this is the most good perspective.

Data source: Blue Media / Autopay Research

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