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Top movies in December

Star Wars: Skywalker. Revival

The expectations of the film, which is not only the culmination of the latest Star Wars trilogy, but the entire saga launched in 1977, are enormous. J. Abrams sat at the controls of the project, who was responsible for the return of Star Wars to the big screen in "The Force Awakens." Episode VIII, or "The Last Jedi" introduced a considerable confusion in history, so everyone is extremely curious about how the end of the Skywalker saga will be solved. We know that Emperor Palpatine, an unusual type of Stormtroopers and Star Destroyers, will return. Rey will probably show his bad website (maybe it's just a projection?), and Kylo Ren will manage to fight with Rey during the whole film and help her. With this part we have to say goodbye to the Skywalker family and their history, but I can't quite believe it. We will see how it will be on December 19.

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Marriage Story

An unusual drama from Netfliks, which you can watch in cinemas from the end of November, and on December 6 will go on offer online. The spectacular roles of Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are the highest-performing actor – it is this duo that makes "Marriage Story" such a unique film showing what marriage breakdown and divorce can look like in which (American) lawyers are involved.

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Jumanji: The next level

I am not entirely satisfied what is happening with the "Jumanji" brand after the sensational film with Robin Williams from 1995, but since viewers liked the return of this franchise in the new edition, it was decided to shoot the next part. Some heroes return, but the adventure will be completely new, because this time it's about saving one of the heroes who remained in the world of Jumanji after the last game. The premiere at the end of the year, to be precise on December 27.

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6 Underground

What have Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay and Netflix prepared for us together? The official description of the film announces a whole bunch of explosions, for which the director is famous, but you can probably also count on an interesting plot. The film will tell us about six villains who together will have the task … to save the world. It can be interesting, and certainly it will be spectacular. Premiere on Netflix on December 13.

Two Popes

Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce, as Pope Benedict and Pope Francis, will hit Netflix on December 20, but the week before the film will be screened in theaters. What were the backstage conversations of Cardinal Bergoglio with Pope Benedict and what were they about? How did the priest planning to retire become the head of the Church? "Two Popes" is a movie that promises to be extremely interesting not only because of the cast and theme, but also the manner of implementation, because the trailer suggests a really beautiful picture.

Top series in December


We all breathed a sigh of relief when we finally learned the release date of the Netflix series. This one is set for December 20 and it will debut all 8 episodes of the first season of "The Witcher". The main role is played by Henry Cavill (Geralt of Rivia), and on the screen he is accompanied by Anya Chalotra (Yennefer from Vengerberg), Freya Allan (Ciri), Joey Batey (Jaskier) and Maciej Musiał (Sir Lazlo). Trailers show that we will not be dealing with a light series, and the creators decided to combine a lot of different ideas in it. To a large extent, the books were based on Andrzej Sapkowski's books, but it is possible that motives from popular games will appear. We know that the series will also be a breath of fresh air, because showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich and the team of writers prepared a lot of surprises.

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Wataha – 3rd season

One of the best, if not the best Polish series will return with season 3. The premiere of "Wataha" from HBO has been moved from the end of October to 6 December and then it will debut the first episode. HBO is still continuing its classic broadcasting policy, so new episodes will appear on weekly intervals on HBO GO and the HBO channel. Wiktor Rebrow (Leszek Lichota) returns to border guard service, but this does not mean that he will play as a team. Events from the end of season 2 will affect his life and the life of prosecutor Iga Dobosz, who returned to Warsaw. But we know well that they will meet again. Our review of the first two episodes of Season 3 of "Wataha" is now available.

Truth Be Told

Apple is not the first station (company) that decides to produce a series of podcasts in the center of events. Earlier and it did with great success Facebook, who prepared the series "Limetown". In "Truth Be Told," we'll see Octavia Spencer as Poppy Parnell – a journalist trying to find out the truth in a case in which a verdict has already been handed down. Was convicted of murder Warren Cave (Aaron Paul) actually guilty? This type of podcast is extremely popular, and the trailer suggests that the series from Apple can be a great fit in the prevailing trends and appeal to viewers. Premiere on December 6 on Apple TV +.

In December, the "Vikings" will premiere – season 6 (part 1) on the History Polska channel on December 4, and December 6 "Magnificent Maisel" – season 3 on Prime Video and season 2 of "Lost in Space" " – 24th of December.

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