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And what do you say? The list is quite interesting. Certainly HBO deserves praise. The ranking included as many as 5 series from them, which is quite a lot. Only one hit Netflix. I am glad that the editors clearly rated the series as a whole, not guided by the specter of a single weaker season. Thanks to this, the whole is more reliable and absorbed a lot of valuable titles. Have you seen them all Unfortunately, I didn't, although I have heard almost everyone. I only missed position 4, but I will definitely make up for it to keep up.

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Unfortunately, not all the productions that hit here have gained great publicity. Of course, it's hard to expect that there will be as much around each of them as there is about Game of Thrones, but at least some minimum promotion to the level. I have the impression that it may be particularly bad with some productions in Poland. Since the whole mass of our countrymen do not look at all and do not know about the existence of the Amazon Prime service, it is difficult to assume that they even know Fleabag. By the way – I heartily recommend this series.

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Of course, one could wonder what production was lacking here. I met with voices that were outraged that Twin Peaks, Chernobyl or Sherlock were out of the list. Actually – I'd like to exchange at least one of these twenty titles for any of these three, but oh well. The list is now closed. That's how the most famous critics in the world put it together, and what can you do? I doubt this ranking will change anything. None of these productions will suddenly become a huge hit, because people, however, have their own tastes. As I have already mentioned, it is not these series that dominate the popularity lists and they do not build the marketing of particular platforms or television. Viewers want less quality production? Or maybe critics are detached from reality and loathe what is popular? The truth certainly lies somewhere in the middle.

Good doesn't have to mean popular

It would be great if the most popular series were the best of the best, but this is unlikely to ever happen. In mass reception we have to face the whole mass of shit and it's difficult. The fact that a given production is not polished in every element does not mean that watching it can not give us pleasure. Contrary! I think everyone has a series that they watched with great joy, while realizing its deficiencies. Critics are critics and viewers will do their part. However, I encourage you to reach for at least one production from the list that you have not had contact with before. Trust these people, most of them really know their stuff. You shouldn't regret watching any of these series.

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