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Long delays are basically a tradition at NASA

Unfortunately, NASA is not known for timely implementation of projects. It is difficult to blame this issue, most of them are innovative, require considerable investments and can face countless problems in implementation. However, somewhat unfair are the comments towards SpaceX, which, despite less funding than Boeing received for its Starliner CST-100 ship, is clearly ahead.

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Were it not for the April accident, which completely destroyed the first Crew Dragon, which docked on the ISS in March, probably the first manned flight would take place this year. Unfortunately, the failure had to be clarified and everything must be done so that it does not happen again in the future. It seems that this process is slowly coming to an end. SpaceX still needs to perform one more test, i.e. emergency disconnection of the capsule during rocket launch. The necessary equipment, i.e. Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 are already in Florida at the Space Flight Center Kennedy. If everything goes according to plan, the test will take place at the turn of November and December.

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