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Think of something strange, and certainly someone already has such a fetish. This is a phrase that has been repeated for years and … there is something to it. And reading the latest news on the increased interest of Joker on the site focused on adult movies can and should be surprised and shocked … but I'm not. At most, their quantity, which dangerously increased – literally – overnight!

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741,000 Joker searches on Pornhub – last Friday when the movie hit theaters

Apparently, the cinema picture of the Joker really liked the cinema, because suddenly many users of the site decided to check how the Joker will cope in … other films and other situations. And although the search for phrases with characters from games, comics or pop culture in general are not as niche as it may seem, the result for Joker from recent days seems quite surprising. Because 741 thousand searches for an antihero, it's a result that is hard to pass by indifferently. On Sunday alone there would be 290,000 – I feel that Joker liked cinema fans more than anyone could have guessed ;-].

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