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Browser is an indispensable element of every computer today. Thanks to the browser, it is possible to surf the Internet, although the range of functions it supports is much larger. Which browser offers the most possibilities? We’re checking Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Vivaldi.


Some people value simplicity and speed of action, while others like advanced solutions, additions and personalization possibilities. We check what functions individual browsers offer.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most-used web browsers. It is characterized by a simple and transparent interface that does not take up too much space on the screen. It also offers many additional features, although many of them are available in the form of extensions created by external companies and developers. Their installation, however, is extremely simple, so that everyone can customize the browser to their liking.

The browser from Google is equipped with a convenient password manager and functions related to automatic form replenishment. Even data such as information about payment cards we use when shopping online are saved. Users who prefer to beautify their browsers can use the wide range of themes available in the Chrome Web Store. In the advanced settings, however, you can customize the operation of individual elements of websites and, for example, block flash objects or pop-ups.

Google Chrome is characterized by a decent speed of action, although it is paid for with a lot of RAM. This browser is therefore not a good choice for older computers with limited memory.

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Google Chrome – for whom?

Chrome is the right choice for people who simply want to browse the internet quickly and comfortably without having to go through the settings. At the same time, it offers huge opportunities for expansion thanks to a wide database of extensions, which will also satisfy advanced users.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Quantum

Mozilla Firefox has been valued for a long time, but over the past few years, the browser has stood out from the competition in terms of speed. This changed with the release of Firefox Quantum, which refreshed, among other things, the source code. Thanks to this fiery fox is fast again. It works extremely fast even on older machines.

Mozilla pays a lot of attention to issues related to privacy and security. The special browsing mode not only does not save the history of visited pages, but also blocks the tracking elements placed on the websites. The browser also has a built-in module for blocking ads.

Mozilla Firefox – for whom?

Who will Mozilla Firefox be the best for? For people who value privacy and like to modify the basic elements of the interface. The browser works great on computers with less RAM.



Opera is a browser unappreciated by many, offering many thoughtful additional features. One of them is, for example, the integration of popular messengers (Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, VK), which can be conveniently operated from the sidebar of the toolbar. There are more amenities associated with this belt. We will find, among other things, the Flow function, which allows you to quickly transfer content and opened websites between your computer and smartphone. There is also a tool for capturing screen shots.

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Opera, like Firefox, has been equipped with a module for blocking ads. The user can also use the VPN service by selecting one of the servers located in Europe, Asia and America. Added to this is notebook battery saving mode, automatic conversion of currencies and units, or the ability to disconnect video windows, so that videos such as YouTube can be viewed in a floating frame while browsing other websites.

Opera – for whom?

Opera Turbo will be appreciated by people with a free or limited internet connection. It is a function that compresses websites before displaying them, so they load faster and consume less data packets. Compared to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Opera offers a smaller number of add-ons and extensions, which for some will be a drawback. Nevertheless, it is a great proposition for people who want to improve browsing the Internet and like it when the browser offers many built-in additional functions.

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