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We wrote to you about changes in sellers' ratings at Allegro in the middle of September, on October 2, they came into force and the option of assessing delivery time disappeared.

One day later Allegro announced that some buyers may already check the estimated delivery time on the offer pages, before making a purchase decision. In the near future this option will be visible to all buyers.

Recent consumer research indicates that the expected delivery date is one of the most important factors that influence a purchasing decision. Thanks to the expected delivery date, buyers will be able to easily compare the lead time for different delivery methods or between different sellers. The new way of displaying delivery time will be simple and uniform at every stage of shopping.

The new delivery time will be calculated by a special Allegro algorithm, which, after collecting information obtained from sellers and historical data of a given seller, as well as taking into account the category, seasonality of sales or declared transport times of the carriers themselves, will display the estimated delivery time on all offer pages.

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The estimated delivery time will be displayed on the offer page, in the delivery details, on the delivery and payment form, after completing the transaction on the page, and in the email sent after the purchase with a summary.

You can read more details about these changes at Allegro websites.


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