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If you get the impression that a similar premiere has already taken place, then you are partially right. Some time ago, the nc + platform (today the CANAL + platform) together with the service launched the Player + BOX hybrid decoder, which combined the terrestrial television, internet decoder and TV set-top box with the VOD service. Although the idea seemed right, there were a few aspects at the start that could affect the success of the device – we are talking primarily about the lack of support for 4K resolution and support for other applications for VOD services. Player + BOX was also accused of insufficient performance.

So far, there are many indications that the new CANAL + decoder will not be bothered by the same problems.

A new decoder for the CANAL + Platform from Android TV

Android TV Rumors has published on Twitter a picture of the decoder exhibited at the IBC2019 fair by Skyworth. The front of the device has the CANAL + logo, while on the bottom there was a sticker with a description in Polish. Very quickly it was possible to solve the riddle of the hardware specification, which is as follows: Amlogic S905X2 processor with a 4-core 1.8 GHz ARM Cortex A53 processor with a speed of 16.560 DMIPS and with graphics ARM Mali G31 OpenGL ES3.2, Vulkan 1.1, DVB head -T / T2 and Android TV version 9.0. Skyworth HY4001 supports 4K resolution and H.265 / HEVC codecs. Before CANAL +, there are numerous premieres of own series, such as Żmijowisko, Król or Mały death, which are of course created in 4K, so it is clear that the new service must support this standard.

– We plan to introduce such a decoder on the Polish market, which is directly related to the myCANAL service we announced – Piotr Kaniowski, spokesperson of the Canal + Platform, responds to our inquiry.


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All this makes the pieces of the puzzle begin to match each other more and more. The CANAL + platform confirmed closer cooperation with Netfliks on the Polish market (and not only), therefore such a device will perfectly fit into the newly chosen path by the service provider. Android TV opens the possibility of reaching for the proven Netflix application, and it is certain that the device will also include the VOD myCANAL application, which is to allow not only to watch video content on request, but also live TV. The offer will also include a catalog of one of the largest Polish distributors – World Cinema – which is taken over by the CANAL + platform.

When will the VOD myCANAL service debut?

The decoder will almost certainly offer access to the Google Play store and will allow you to download other applications, such as HBO GO or Prime Video. It is wondering whether the myCANAL application will go to Google Play and it can be freely installed on other Android TV starters, e.g. Nvidii Shield TV. Another question is about the presence of the myCANAL app on Apple TV, smart TV Samsuga or LG and possible support for Chromecast.

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We do not know when exactly the myCANAL service will start, which debut will definitely coincide with the launch of the decoder on the market, but previous reports indicated that this may occur later this year.

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