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This month, Netfliks season 3 of one of their animated series appeared – Big mouth. In the coming years, another 3 should appear. However, let's focus on what is available now. I got into the series myself shortly after the publication of Season 2 and was delighted with the place. I love "naughty" animations, the more eager to start each subsequent episode. Why didn't I use the term "adult animations"? Because I can't see Big mouth in this category. Yes, the series touches on the theme of sex and sexuality in all possible ways. Yes, he is vulgar, maybe brutal to some. On Netfix, he has an age limit of 16+. However, if I were a teenager in middle school and I haven't reached that magical age yet, I would boldly break the rules and watch the whole thing crazy. However, I don't urge kids to do anything, at their own discretion. Maybe it's better? The forbidden fruit tempts the most.

Big mouth it's sex education we deserved, but no one else gave it to us

Don't worry, you are not (so much) a winner!

The plot of the series tells the story of a group of students just entering puberty and their immediate surroundings. Each of them (at their own pace) receives their own Hormone Monster, which is the embodiment of their stimulating hormones, thoughts and changes occurring in their bodies. As it happens with animated series – Big mouth is pretty crazy. The creators boldly visualize everything that students talk about and worry about. Flying over the fallopian tubes and talking to the clitoris is standard. I must admit that the production boldly touches on a lot of important and difficult topics. It all began with ejaculation and period (this is called the circle of life!) And then smoothly turned into sexual orientation, sex drive, sex in many variants, drugs, shame, depression, addictions, orgasms and sexual harassment. Big mouth is a comedy that has set itself the goal of educating. Information on many aspects of growing up is interwoven with jokes, explaining to the audience that the changes are not bad and the fact that we are somehow different, does not delete us at all.

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Do you remember fairy tales with the teacher on Puls? There was a life on Netfliks

Adolescence is over and I have faced most of the problems the characters talk about. The series doesn't provide me much new knowledge because I'm just too old (ah, these retirement age 23!) In many episodes, however, I found relief and answers for myself from the past. It is a pity that I did not have Netflix at that time. We all have to go through this specific nightmare, which is growing up. We are all troubled by similar problems and often it seems to us that we are absolutely alone with them or even we are the only person in the world who is affected. Big mouth shows that this is not the case at all. He doesn't beat around the bush, he doesn't try to be polite or candy. Force Big mouth is reaching for problems that affect each of us and we have all thought about them (such as menstruation) and those that affect a smaller audience (autism, incest or discrimination from the 3rd season bow). The only thing you can think about is whether the hidden message will definitely get to the kids with the right power, or is it not overly confusing. But hey We don't breed stupid youth in the world, as many would think.

It's not like reading a boring biology book. It's a conversation with a slightly older or just a well-educated buddy. The characters really like each other, no matter how much they mix in (already knocked down) lives. Each of the viewers is able to find a part of themselves in the lives of the characters and this will certainly not change in the following seasons. Let's not be ashamed of it! Everyone, after all, took offense at his parents, got an erection in the classroom, scolded his parents and fantasized about his cousin! Truth….?
Of course, it's not Netfliks that should educate us and show us the world of sex and sexuality. On the other hand – it is a very friendly ground for presenting such topics. (Un) fortunate many people find it easier to believe the animations from the VOD platform than the mean catcher from WDŻ. The series can be watched alone and have a lot of fun. After the screening, maybe some teenager will feel encouraged to look for more information on a given topic or talk about it with their parents or anyone close and elderly? If so, great. And I'm sure it happens. Of course, you have to be prepared for all the conventions. It is vivid and vulgar animation. If someone is rude to words or talking penis, uterus, sperm or vagina – well – it's hard. This is not a production for him and he should return to the textbooks in peace and quiet. Everything else will happen at Big mouth have a great time.

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I wish I could watch Big Mouth when I was in middle school

If, just like me, you are "too old" for the series, take a look at several episodes (or watch all of them – it's worth it!) And subtly give it to young people in your environment who will need education and support. So far Big mouth I was not disappointed. Each subsequent season is great, all the topics discussed are important and taken with proper honesty, but also with the right dose of irony. Let's get the clubs out of our butts and let the kids grow at their own pace. Let them love themselves and their bodies, let them laugh at them. It teaches us all this Big mouthbecause hey it's just us. We all have it.

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