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According to the data of the National Clearing House, the average value of the shopping basket during last year's Black Friday was over 190 PLN. Poles have liked the online fever and are more and more willing to take advantage of promotions and reductions on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Cash has ceased to be a problem, but the availability and attractiveness of online store offers. Hostersi, publishing annual reports on the loading time of the most popular Polish websites and online stores, this time looked at the condition of native ekomersów during the hot weekend of sales from Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday.

Mariusz Juszczyk, Growth Manager from HOSTERSI:

With a few exceptions, most of the online stores we've researched have done quite well, given that the traffic to their sites was up to several hundred percent higher. For the server infrastructure of such a store it is really a huge burden, and for the store itself a business challenge. Remember that too long loading time and too long shopping path translate into a greater number of abandoned baskets.

On the weekend of sales (29/11/12/12/2019), (1.1 seconds), (1.4 seconds), (1.7 seconds) turned out to be the fastest among the online stores surveyed. ), (2.1 seconds), (3.4 seconds), (3.6 seconds) and (3.7 seconds). The slowest loading was (9.3 seconds), (9 seconds), (8.1 seconds), (7.8 seconds), (7 , 8 seconds), (7.2 seconds), (7.2 seconds).

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A group of stores also emerged in the study, which accelerated significantly on Black Friday compared to the same measurement carried out a month earlier. It includes with a time of 1.6 seconds compared to 1.8 seconds, with a loading time of 3.7 seconds compared to 4.6 seconds, with a loading time of 5.2 seconds compared to 7.1 seconds, with a time of 7.3 seconds compared to 8.5 seconds and with a time of 8.8 seconds compared to 10.2 seconds.

Wojciech Tomaszewski, Chief Marketing & E-commerce Officer, ANSWEAR, expert of the Chamber of Electronic Economy:

The fact that sales on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are increasing from year to year is obvious. Actually, each subsequent year brings records in terms of number of transactions, number of customers, sales value, margin value, sales from applications, mobile devices, website traffic and many more. The novelty of the last two years is that Black Friday is no longer just a single shopping day, but an entire black week, and sometimes even a whole month.

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