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There are a lot of places in Poland, where it is difficult to get public transport, where no train or bus goes. Although ideas have emerged to fill these gaps and restore PKS communication in these forgotten locations, there is even money for it, but local governments, which have used so far a small part of these government subsidies, are not willing to do so.

Effect? According to the results of the Jagiellonian Club survey, 14 million Poles face transport exclusion, and 20% of the villages in Poland are deprived of any public transport. BlaBlaCar directs its message to the residents of 3 cities, which are facing a very difficult transport situation.

These are Ostrowia Mazowiecka, the largest poviat town in the Mazowieckie voivodship without passenger trains, Kępno, in which many rail connections were liquidated, and the remaining ones are badly connected with each other, and Mielec, where trains do not travel and bus connections are liquidated.

Michał Pawelec, Country Manager of BlaBlaCar in Poland:

Cars with empty spaces are passing by – it's time to use that potential! This year, we've introduced an algorithm that allows passengers to connect to drivers at any point along their route. It ensures that the driver can reach the pickup location easily and quickly, and enables the passenger to travel almost directly from door to door. This is one of our actions aimed at facilitating access to free spaces in the cars of drivers offering a ride and meeting millions of people excluded from transport.

The BlaBlaCar information campaign is not only stickers, but also specific changes in the algorithm of their travel search engine, which are designed to help residents of towns located along or near the most popular routes covered by drivers using BlaBlaCar. You can reach them by public transport, they are located on the main streets or in characteristic places.

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In Poland, there are already 50,000 such places, and as you can see on the maps above, they are scattered even at considerable distances from bus stops, which do not need to be reached, BlaBlaCar drivers often deviate from the course for a while and take passengers from nearby towns.

Personally, for almost 5 years going somewhere in Poland, for example, to a family in Lower Silesia, I basically only use BlaBlaCar. It is more convenient and faster than traveling by bus or train, especially since there was no direct public transport connection to my Głogów for a long time. I have never happened to any unpleasant situation related to the BlaBlaCar ride, it also happens that the drivers actually drive "to the door" at the destination, and all this at a price often half the price of a train or bus trip, because as you know, in BlaBlaCar we only drop on fuel.

Source: BlaBlaCar.

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