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We invite you to our review of the first two episodes of "Żmijowiska".

Paweł Domagała plays the main character, Arek, who, a year after the tragic events in Żmijowisko, returns to the lake to look for his missing daughter.

How was the work on Żmijowisko? What did you mainly pay attention to?

Paweł Domagała: It was not the most pleasant thing I had to face, because it was associated with a three-month separation from my family, and I am a household member. In addition, it was difficult not to relate to your own life. However, the satisfaction is huge and I am happy that I could participate in this venture. It was a great trip with an amazing team that looked after us. This is also their series, not just ours (of the actors – editor's note).

This is not an ultrarelist series. Of course, we made sure that the story was true and probable, but we decided on some conventionality. We also asked ourselves whether or not
the form that works in the book will work on the screen. We tried not to feel the paper. For me personally, it was very precise, even mathematical work. We kept an eye on nothing
is not mixed up, because we have constant leaps of time here. The idea of ​​how to show it belonged to Łukasz (Palkowski, director – editor's note)

Have you read the Viper? Did reading help you play the role of Arek?

Paweł Domagała: I sipped the book in one evening, maybe two. Wojtek Chmielarz simply writes great and should not have any complexes to Scandinavian writers. Arek, my character in Żmijowisko, is well described, also from the psychological point of view. On the other hand, in the series, we wanted it to be a little memorable. A man you will forget the next day from the meeting, a hero whose mother confuses his brother.

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Wojciech Zieliński plays Krzysztof – co-owner of an agritourism farm in Żmijowisko, where the tragedy occurred. His character has his own problems …

How do you remember the work on Żmijowisko?

Wojciech Zieliński: It was very safe. And this means that you have a director above you who knows what he wants and you have time to refine the scenes. And also a story that is interesting and extraordinary, telling about today's times in an interesting and inclining way to reflect on the human condition. On the other hand, it worked well in Masuria, in a little secluded, beautiful place – such a combination of pleasant and useful, work and rest.

Do you have it behind you? readingę Żmijowiska? What was your first impression? What is the most important thing about it?

Wojciech Zieliński: After reading the script, I immediately reached for the book. I don't know if this shows me well, but I have matured myself in some forms. Most of us suffer from contemporary ills – we don't have time for the family, work completely absorbs us, we stress with things that we should not stress.

How much pinkni się twaboutj Krzysiek from that in the book?

Wojciech Zieliński: It is known that the film has other tools than the book – primarily the image – and the director with the actor lead the characters in a slightly different way. Krzysztof's character is a bit different than described by Wojtek Chmielarz, I had to build it differently, but I think that these main motives and imperatives are very similar. For Krzysztof, the most important is the fight for dreams and the good of the family. Differences? Krzysztof in the book was quite chubby, he is not on the show. The one from the series is burr, this was also not the case with the book hero.

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Kamila Urzędowska plays the role of Sabina, the daughter of a rich new inhabitant of Żmijowisko. However, she will implement her own plan of seeking the truth about events

Is serial Sabina different from the one in the book? If so, in what matters and why?

Kamila Urzędowska: The director, Łukasz Palkowski, left me a lot of freedom in creating it. He was such a good spirit to me. Łukasz belongs to directors who, by saying good words to actors, motivate us and pull us up. Returning to the question, it's true, according to the author of the book, Sabina looked different than the serial Sabina. After talking with the director, we came to the conclusion that we do not have to adjust my physical appearance to the role, but rather focus on showing personality. I didn't have to gain weight and undergo a drastic visual change. For me, the book Sabina was asexual and manipulated people very much. Together with the director, we came to the conclusion that we even need to use her femininity for this manipulation, including I tried to capture it in my form.

In my opinion, throughout the entire series Sabina becomes a kind of demon and this tension over the course of events in the series begins to increase.

A new episode of "Żmijowiska every Sunday on CANAL + and CANAL + 4K Ultra HD at 21:30. Pre-release can be viewed in Player and nc + GO.

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