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The first preview of his latest film appeared on Patryk Vega's social channels. I admit that I was a little surprised when I saw her. Rather, Vega talks a lot about his films, strongly promoting them, and so far about Bad boy there was no way anywhere. However, as you could easily guess after watching the teaser, we are dealing here with strikerthat I have already mentioned. In the meantime, the title just had to change. Detriment. I liked the original one better. But this is not my movie, I must politely respect Vega's decision. Besides, everything is correct. This is a trailer

Bad boy in theaters already in winter 2020

Bad boy will tell viewers about the Polish football environment and fans. In the main roles we will see, among others Zbigniew Zamachowski (Policy. Hey, Terska), Piotr Stramowski (Pitbull. botox) and Antoni Królikowski (Policy. Karbala). Pictures to The assailant started in September. Compare Vega's own production to Football Poker Zaorski from 1989. In the film we could watch corrupt judges and dishonest activists and presidents of football clubs. The fact that Vega will try very hard to show the various filths of the sports world is obvious.

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Patryk Vega created a picture reflecting a 1: 1 political scene in Poland?

Of course, we have to wait for the full trailer and then for the full movie, but for now … I have no feelings. After the assembly method and the soundtrack, it is clear that Vega really wanted us to take over this movie. There is to be a thrill, it is to be controversial, expensive and violent. Everything's cool, but so what? And how is this different from his previous productions? The subject is a bit too little to really distinguish his films. Patryk Vega, however, is Patryk Vega. A real businessman. He knows perfectly well what he is doing and now I am sure for Bad boy a whole bunch of Poles will choose. Well, let's see if the director will finally surprise us with something.

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