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First of all, Samsung points to the so-called "Fading effect", which allegedly accompanies every product that is released on the market. Interest in, for example, another flagship significantly diminishes in the following quarters and this is until the next big premiere. However, it is worth knowing that Samsung's mobile business is doing really well and has managed to increase the profitability of less rich models – mainly thanks to a very attractive portfolio.

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In year-over-year terms, profits fell, which was dumped on lower prices of components such as memory. Moreover, the poor display market for electronic devices adversely affected this parameter. The company claims that the market reports lower demand for displays in the circle of premium devices. On the other hand, however, Samsung has earned more money related to operation in data centers and sensitive applications. Operating costs have also been reduced. Department that is responsible for HPC chips and high photographic sensors

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resolution, recorded a significant increase.

More premium models from Samsung

Samsung indicates that when it comes to the market of mobile devices, it will do everything to increase sales of premium models that bring him the most money (per one sold unit). We can expect 5G modems in subsequent, more expensive designs, and the development of a series of "folding phones" – which represent the ultra-premium segment at the moment. We won't have to wait long for the latter: Samsung Galaxy X Flip is to appear in February, which is to be an extension of the idea of ​​the "folding" made by Samsung.

As far as the profits of the mobile department are concerned, Samsung expects them to remain "flat" – that is, neither serious losses nor serious profits should appear. Samsung is currently focusing on maintaining its position on the market and not to spoil it. For now, he is doing very well.

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