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Opera comes to its users with another update. This time, let them track if someone is exaggerating with following them. A kind of tracker blocker was presented, which is supposed to offer users greater privacy. Thanks to the latest update, users will be able to see a list of these trackers to be able to see in more detail how often ads or websites find that they want to watch us a little. When enabled, a shield icon appears in the address bar. Thanks to it, we can easily view the number of blocked tracking modules.

Opera will make it easier to track trackers

Of course, through these options, Opera creators want to increase users' awareness of the ubiquity of tracking. If someone is very reluctant to receive information and has not yet noticed that he watches us almost everything, everywhere and whenever possible – now he will have no doubt. People who are very disturbed by such activities will be able to simply avoid entering sites that specifically decide to overdo the number of trackers.

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Do you like really fast browsers? Opera 64 is for you

The option can be enabled in the settings and applied to all sites, or turned on and off for specific pages. Blocking trackers significantly speeds up the operation of Opera. However, there are also websites that can handle such security measures or even prevent a user from detecting such software, similar to using ad blockers. An additional novelty in Opera is the redesigned address bar, which displays suggestions based on the browser history as you type. The latest version is now available for download from the site Opera.

Source: Engadget

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