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Because the Internet and television have not only a common denominator in the form of applications for VOD services. The network offers much more, as well as music, news and information. Smartphones have accustomed us to the universality of devices, which is why I was surprised when hardly any person I asked tried squeeze something more from your TV. All the more so when on the table or wall there is generally speaking smart TV, i.e. a TV with an operating system and a built-in voice assistant. Using all the good qualities of the Web on a large screen and using a remote control will be commonplace, especially since on TVs like this from LG most activities become completely trouble-free.

The problem with modern TVs is that they are much less "smart" than phones, computers or tablets. LG goes beyond this scheme, giving the user almost unlimited possibilities to control the TV by voice and, importantly, in Polish. It's extremely comfortable and a bit addictive, because after a few weeks of such conversation with the TV you no longer want to use it in another way – adds my editorial colleague, Tomasz Popielarczyk.

Actually. Nobody likes to search or enter text in the standard way on a TV. Even if we have a Magic Control remote control, which works a bit like a wand (it allows you to point on the screen points, elements, letters that interest us), it is much faster to simply say these words, phrases or names. Then artificial intelligence comes into action and, for example, a voice assistant, which will not only react to rigid phrases such as "Netflix" or "open Netflix", but should also understand more natural statements, such as "turn on Netflix" or "fire Netflix".

Entering text on a TV is a massacre. It reminds me of '90. The voice interface works much better here. I press the button, speak the password to the remote control and it's ready. It literally takes a second when typing takes forever. LG is still cool because the TV seems to understand me and tries to help as best it can. Therefore, I get highly personalized results. When I ask about the weather forecast, I get the forecast right away. – adds Tomek.

Under no circumstances should we learn specific commands by heart, but we should require assistants and their algorithms to learn our habits and behaviors. It is then that we are witnessing the greatest progress that has been made, because it turns out that there is something more convenient to use than a wireless remote control that has revolutionized the television market.

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