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The iPhone 11 turned out to be a sales hit, which convinces with great battery life, high quality photos and videos, as well as appearance. Its price is also important – according to Tim Cook, the company hit the jackpot with the valuation of this model. However, we did not know any detailed results of the hottest news in the field of services, i.e. Apple TV +.

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Apple takes its own VOD very seriously. But he does not reveal all the cards

The VOD platform from Apple debuted in November and costs PLN 24.99 ($ ​​4.99). A large proportion of viewers must be users of new devices, because the company adds a year of subscription absolutely free to every iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac computer and iPod touch. This does not translate into any influence at the moment, we also do not know how many viewers use the VOD service, because the company does not disclose such data, but Apple shows satisfaction with the start of the service and hopes that in the future it will constitute a significant part of the revenue from the category services. "This is not a hobby. It's a real business, "said Cook in an interview with CNBC. In addition, we learned that in the last quarter of last year, the number of activated Apple devices exceeded the 1.5 billion threshold.

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