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What will Facebook do?

Apple in its latest iOS 13 is preparing changes that Facebook must prepare for, as well as numerous developers and iPhone users using some applications. Due to limitations imposed by the system on applications running in the background, the current versions of Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat may have a problem with correct operation.

With the iOS update to the latest version, applications will lose the ability to use VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) in the background while they are not being used. Applications like Messenger and WhatsApp use this protocol to connect calls faster. WhatsApp also uses it to implement end-to-end encryption. However, programs running in the background are also accused of collecting user data, which Apple wants to stop.

The sources of The Information website state that Facebook will have to thoroughly redesign its applications, which can be extremely problematic especially in the case of WhatsApp. The basis for many of the functions of this tool is to use VOIP in the background.

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Facebook has already issued a statement in which it ensures that it has never collected any data through this functionality and will prepare for the new rules of the game.

“Changes in the upcoming iOS update are not insignificant for us, but we are already conducting talks with the company, which are aimed at the best adaptation of our tools to them,” informs a Facebook representative. “We use the PushKit VoIP API to provide users with first-class, highly secure messengers – not to collect their data.”

Apple will introduce these changes later this year, with the release of iOS 13, but will give application developers time to adapt to the new requirements by April 2020. This probably means that until then the function of blocking current solutions will be disabled.

Cupertino giant believes that the modification of the system behavior will allow its users to provide even higher levels of privacy, but also have a positive impact on the device’s performance and longer battery life.

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Source: The Information

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