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And well – it's hard to disagree. After many years of presence on the market, millions of accessories manufactured with Lightning connectors (Apple talks about a billion, although taking into account the deposits of products on Aliexpress – I am convinced that there are many more), the topic would be more complicated than it may seem. Anyway, you yourself in the comments on this idea quite coldly, indicating a brief reasoning of the legislators of the European Union:

Phone chargers are one thing, but why do we have one billion laptop terminals or a shaver in the EU? It can be improved even easier (because there is no discussion about USB-C PD) and the amount of electro-waste would drop significantly … – wrote Scibor Lapies

Somehow I do not see that the unification of ports / cables will improve a lot in terms of waste. And so, when we buy new equipment, we get a cable, so their quantity in circulation will not decrease, and we throw them away when they get damaged, and not just because they are old. Maybe, if it was additionally banned from connecting cables to new devices, people would buy one common cable for a smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-book reader, etc. In practice, however, it seems to me that hardly anyone would stop on one cable, because the devices need often charge and one cable for several devices is not enough. In order not to carry cables everywhere, we buy additional ones for work or a car. – MrVik added

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