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What does App Defense Alliance mean?

The Americans have just announced the creation of a new group for cyber security, which has just been called the App Defense Alliance. It includes Google, ESET, Lookout and Zimperium. Why exactly them? The purpose of this partnership is to detect potentially dangerous applications in the Play Store, in which all listed players have a lot of experience and a lot of success on their account. In fact, they've already reported programs with malware or spyware.

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The most important goal of this group's operation is blocking the installation of applications with malicious add-ons. The Mountain View giant will enrich Google Play Protect with mechanisms from its new partners and have announced that they are now creating a truly intelligent platform for assessing the threat in the available proposals. However, App Defense Alliance is not only about researching applications available on the Play Store. Those outside will also be verified and due to the official establishment of all suspicions will be reported much faster.

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app defense alliance

I'm curious if such preventive actions will allow Google to be one step ahead of the developers. Undoubtedly, the decision to establish such a group is very sensible and shows that Americans see a serious threat. However, we will be able to appreciate these activities only in a few months, when most likely everything will be implemented and everyone will start working thoroughly, checking Android applications.

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How can we defend ourselves against potentially dangerous applications? For now, quite often it turns out to be ordinary reading of comments in which users complain about the disturbing operation of the program. For this you should avoid suspicious entries, which are the hundredth clone of a known application. Unfortunately, later uninstalling the program from malware is not so easy. Theoretically, removing and restoring the phone to factory settings should be enough, but xHelper malware has already appeared, which will reinstall itself.

Google focuses on security

I have to admit that over the past year Google has taken seriously Android development. You can see that the company wants to become a trustworthy player and wants to show users that they care about their safety. Until now, problems with verifying available applications were ridiculed by everyone and caused that some people preferred to bet on Apple and their iOS more reliable in this respect. Another thing is that it is currently difficult to find an application store that will definitely be completely safe in every place, which is best confirmed by information about adware or malware on iPhones.

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app defense alliance

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We will now see what results from Google activities. I hope that in the next months we will not read every few weeks about new malware in the Play Store …

source: Phone Arena

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