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If I had to choose my favorite console of all time, I would indicate 3DS without blinking. Amazing library, lightness, portability, long work time on one charge – and support for games from DS, and in newer versions of the console also from SNES. There is a reason why I have this equipment in two variants: one European, one American. One bigger, one smaller. And adding to this my endless love for portable gaming … there was no better console yet. But even though the release of Analogue Pocket is a few months away, I know now that this equipment will quickly become one of my favorites.

Analogue Pocket: inconspicuous equipment that will support a set of retro consoles

If in recent years you have reached for Gameboy consoles, there is a good chance that you bounced off them fairly quickly. Classic equipment without backlight is currently very difficult to use. It is a little easier with Gameboy Advance, which in the SP and Micro version has a backlit screen, but the most convenient is the usual GBA. And be careful here. But when it comes to old portable consoles, Analogue Pocket has a chance to be a real revolution: compact design, no emulation and support with several thousand games. With GameBoya, GameBoya Color, GameBoya Advance. And the creators are already working hard on additional adapters that will allow him to play titles from other handhelds – much less popular. Among them: Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color or Atari Lynx.

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Analogue Pocket is a console with a 3.5 ″ screen with a resolution of 1600 × 1440 pixels (PPI: 615). This gives ten times more resolution than original Gameboy – and the developers promise there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to advanced technology, excellent contrasts and brightness – games on their equipment are supposed to look dazzling. We charge the equipment with a USB-C cable and adjust all buttons to your own view!

But apart from the fact that Analogue Pocket will be an excellent gaming machine, it is also to be a dream equipment for all musicians who are eager to reach for old systems to create their songs on them. And if all this is not enough, the developers are also working on a docking station that, like the one from Nintendo Switch, can turn Analogue Pocket into a desktop console. However, I assume that, like adapters for additional consoles, this one will also be charged extra. And to use it you will also need an additional Bluetooth controller – the creators are writing about those from 8BitDo, but I assume that they will not be an exception.

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The premiere of Analogue Pocket has been announced for next year – but specific dates have not been reached yet. However, the biggest "but" of all this fun remains … the price. The device was priced at $ 199 – a small fortune. But if the empty announcements don't end and the equipment will actually be as cool as it is announced, then I think that many lovers of old portable consoles will be tempted. Retro equipment gets more expensive each year, and for such in good condition you have to pay dearly. And when we add combinations to it (like my "normal" GameBoy Advance with a transplanted backlit screen), it gets even more expensive. And suddenly these $ 199 does not seem like the end of the world. However, I am waiting for the compatibility list of games and the first reviews. But for now – this equipment seems much more exciting to me than the new Sony and Microsoft consoles.

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